Big dot day

9 weeks old and all the kittens have had their baptism of fire by the vet.

The Gang of Four  has been to the vet, and few vaccinations (PureVax RCPCh and FeLV) as well as ID chip.

Mother Miss June came along, and had her vaccination and a new rabies renewed if we were to take her to an exhibition abroad.

For practical reasons, we had agreed that we would fill in the name ourselves, etc., because the friend at the reception thought there should just be a Duchess.

But our cats get a little longer names – because you may use up to 35 characters in the pedigree 🙂

That is why the Duchess is not just called the Duchess, but:

DK MINOWISI Nanom-keea-po-da Duches

…. and the rest of the kittens obviously have similar middle names, all of which are Abenaki spirit or god names, which describe their temperament as we have experienced it. Maybe it gives a little discount, we fill in the health book and EU passport ourselves? 🤓

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