When you get a kitten from us

There are some things you need to be aware of when buying a kitten from us.
  • This is a purebred cat, which therefore has a pedigree which documents that it is a Maine Coon’s, and not a mixture of e.g. Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat.
  • The kitten will be vaccinated twice
  • It will be neutralized (sterilized)
  • There is a health certificate which is filled in by the vet, who states that the kitten has no known defects.
  • Both parents are DNA tested for the hereditary diseases recommended by Felis Danica, which are relevant to Maine Coon’s. You can see the test made on our cats, on the Grown Up pages, and Felis Danice recommendations (in Danish).
  • To ensure a kitten without complications, the kitten will typically be 14-16 weeks old when you get it home.
  • The kitten will be used to other cats, noise from the vacuum cleaner and other common noise in the home, and has of course been a part of our family on a daily basis. and will, to the extent possible, also be accustomed to young children. We do not have children ourselves, but invite children to play with the kittens.
  • Until the kitten is 16 weeks old, it will be covered by a health insurance, which you can choose to continue with – or not. The insurance is from AGRIA (in Danish).
  • If you are not already a member of the JYRAK  and / or Maine Coon club, a membership is included for the kitten for the rest of the calender year. This also gives a discount on the health insurance.
  • A starter pack is included with the kitten, which contains, among other things. the feed to which it is accustomed.
  • And you are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.
The process of being able to buy a kitten will often be similar to what you see below – but no rules without exceptions, because these are living family members we are talking about, who will be with you for many years.
  1. You’re contacting us because you’re interested in a kitten.
  2. If we are about to get kittens, let us know approx. when we expect a litter of kittens to come, and thus when you can contact us again.
  3. We do not use waiting lists because some can not wait (it is always difficult to have to wait to get a kitten) – then it is better you contact again when you know there are kittens on the way.
  4. It will be stated on the website minowisi.dk that we have kittens, and certainly also on Facebook
  5. When we finally get kittens, it will be a while before you get a chance to see them. They just need to be sturdy enough for strangers to come. Often they will be approx. 6 weeks old before you can see them.
  6. It is not certain we can agree that you will get a certain kitten yet, because we may even consider keeping one of the kittens. When they are approx. 10 weeks we know if we keep one of the kittens.
  7. Once you have chosen a kitten, you are welcome to come and visit it regularly, and of course you will get both pictures and video of its development. When you are sure you want the kitten, we must have a deposit, which is agreed in advance.
  8. Note: Only when a deposit has been paid, or an agreement signed, then you sure there is a kitten for you. This is due both to the fact that we ourselves can change our mind whether we keep one or more kittens, but also that if a breeder wants a kitten, then this wish will usually be given higher priority than a kitten for cuddling. This is partly due to the fact that in order to counteract inbreeding in the Maine Coon breed, some breeders have to change their bloodlines. To get new blood into their breeding.
  9. A purchase contract will be drawn up stating what we agree on. This is a standard contract, which will be similar to the one from Felis Danica. It may have added some extra points, but will correspond to Felis Danica’s standard contract (in Danish).
  10. The contract will also state a deposit, and that we would like to be informed about how the kitten is doing in the future, and possibly. conditions if in e.g. want to kill the cat, or resell it. Typically, the breeder would like to have the first right to get it back.
  11. And when the kitten is finally 14-16 weeks old, you come in with a transport box (or we come with the kitten), and you get a starter pack to take home with the kitten. In the package, in addition to food, there is also a guide for your new family member.
  12. But even after you have brought the kitten home, you are welcome to tell how it is going, or ask questions and get help.