M for Maine Coon

There are some who have been told that you can always recognize a Maine Coon by having an M on its forehead.
And as with many easy solutions, it’s wrong.

Yes – many Maine Coon cats have a black M on their forehead, but that’s because a classic Maine Coon is a tabby patterned cat.
For the M, it follows cats that are tabby patterned – and it can easily be a different cat breed, but is visible in all colors of the Maine Coon cat, which you can think of if the cat has tabby patterned markings.
So maybe that’s why many have therefore thought that M for Main Coon fit.

And what, then, is the tabby pattern?

The easy explanation is that there are cats with black stripes or spots.
But for nerds, it’s a little more complicated when talking about 5 different tabby patterns:

  1. Blotched Tabby
  2. Mackerel (stripes like a mackerel)
  3. Spotted (“leopard” spots)
  4. Ticked (no pattern on the body, but on the rest)
  5. Unspecified (something else 😉

And there are many Maine Coon’s that do not have a pattern at all, and e.g. are completely white or red.

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