Maine Coon

Unfortunately, many people confuse the Maine Coon cat with the Norwegian Forest Cat.

They are similar on the outside, to some extent each other. But there are differences in both temperament and appearance.

Among other things. many will find that Maine Coon’s fur is softer and silky, with the Forest Cat being coarser and stiffer in the fur.

The Maine Coon cat is originally from Maine in the USA, and you can read more about it HERE.


Maine Coon cats are very sociable and friendly cats, and in many ways are like having a dog. They do not like to be alone, and if it is, it will seek your attention. In fact, they thrive best if there are at least 2 Maine Coon’s.

They can not meow like normal. cats, but in turn speak with different sounds.

If there is a closed door, it will definitely like about on the other side, and especially if there is someone on the other side. There are usually no problems with the Maine Coon and other animals or children, but of course, like other animals, they can also set boundaries when it gets too much.

Maine Coon’s are very sociable, and are playful most of their lives.

The body

Their physique is muscular, elongated and slightly angular with a weight of between 6-9Kg.

The paws are large, round and have tufts of hair, and it is not uncommon for them to have long tufts of hair between the toes.

The tail should be the same length as the body.

In daily life

They are intelligent, tend to be fond of retrieval, and are very fond of water.

Many of their instincts, they still have, since they were cats in Maine.

It is not uncommon for them to “brush” the water clean. So try to sweep leaves away from the water – even if there are no leaves in the water.

Or that they try to cover the food after they have eaten. It looks a little strange when the cat scratches on the parquet floor in front of the food bowl.

They are big cats, and both scratching post and food and water bowls should be adapted so that it is a cat that is both heavier than a domestic cat, larger and plays with things.


Maine Coon has half-length fur, and many believe that they need to be brushed and cared for a lot. But in fact it is not very demanding, as it has no undercoat, and thus only the half-long hairs, which do not filter so easily.

Brushing once a week should be plentiful if the cat is given good quality food, as it has a lot to say for the care of the coat.