The Indians in Maine in particular, where the Main Coon’s originate from, but also Vermont, New Hampshire as well as southeastern Canada all the way up to Quebec, were originally inhabited by Abenaki (ah – buh – NAH – key) Indians.

Abenaki means “People of Dawn,” and we have chosen a word for Abenaki as our tribal name because the Maine Coon cat comes from this area.

The word Minowisi (mi-no ~ u-wi-si) as a single word means several things in Abenaki. You can read more about the Abenaki language HERE.

It can mean “My cat”, “I have a cat”, or “Get a cat” depending on the context.
Our pedigree in Maine Coon breeding is Minowisi, and all cats that come from us will be named something like the following, on their pedigrees:

DK Minowisi Siguan

So when you have brought your cat home, it naturally means:

“My cat Siguan”

But before you get it home, we say to you:

“I have a cat (named) Siguan” or “Get a cat (named) Siguan”

By the way, Siguan is an Abenaki god for spring