Abenaki (ah – buh – NAH – key) Indians lived in Maine, USA, in an area where there may have been mainly French fur hunters.

Some words on Abenaki suggest that French has influenced the language.

Eg. is kitten in French MINOU, and very similar to MINOWISI, which of course means I have a kitten. In particular, the pronunciation of MINOWISI (mi-no ~ u-wi-si) seems to be related (mi-no-u….)

So let’s look at what MINOWISI can mean:

Nominative: minowis – cat minowisak – cats
Genitive: minowisi – cat’s minowisi – cats’s
Dative: minowisek – To cat minowisikok – To cats
Accusative: minowisa – cat minowisa – cats
Vocative: O minowis – O cat O minowisak – O cats
Ablative: minowisek – From or by cat minowisikok – From or by cats
minowisi I have a/an cat
minowisida Let us have a/an cat
minowisi Have a/an cat
minowisigw Let you all have a/an cat
minowisij Let him/her have a/an cat
minowisidij Let them have a/an cat

Source: http://westernabenaki.com/dictionary/nouns.ms.php?variablewa=minowis&variableen=cat&variableen3=cats

The Abenaki language is somewhat different from what we use today, among others. because there is no family for Latin languages as there is in Western languages.

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