The Minowisi Family, Sasquash, June, Anders & Bente Larsson

MINOWISI is our breeding of Maine Coon cats.

It is a small and personal farm where there is room for both them and the people. Our breeding is in Assentoft near Randers, with easy access to E45.

We are Anders and Bente Larsson, and have always had cats and Maine Coon since 2010. You can read more about our cats HERE

The name MINOWISI comes from an Indian tribe in Maine, USA, where this cat breed comes from. You can read more about that HERE

The Maine Coon breed is not a small cat breed, but one of the largest cat breeds, where most female cats weigh around 4-5Kg and male cats between 6-9Kg.

It is a curious cat, and many say that getting a Maine Coon cat is like having a dog, as it attaches itself much in the same way as the dog, and wants to keep up with everything that happens.

Most Maine Coon’s do not like closed doors, and not at all if you are on the other side of the door.

Incidentally, our logo is one of our cats, which one summer day walked around on a sun canopy, and it is then the image of its paws and tail.