Yes – that’s what it is, says KillMouski. Scams and scams.
For what does it look like to give me 5 * washing and ironing when I already have the most beautiful coat a woman could want.
Imagine – I got:

  • Wash with dry shampoo. Do they think it’s the 70s ?
  • Wash with shampoo to remove dry shampoo – how foolish can you be.
  • Wash with something that removes the grease that makes my fur shine. Such a waste of money.
  • Wash with something they call a Conditioner – I have a pretty good condition.
  • Washing with something else they say highlights my colors – well do they not know that color is the sense, that is the minor of my senses ?
  • And imagine – then I was almost beasted away by a noisy monster they call a blower. They are blown on top!

They also said… “do not you think we have used more water than if a teenager had been in the shower?” – Ha – they could just let it be
And all this just because mom and I are going to an exhibition this weekend.
Just ask mom when you see her this weekend – she also says we’re prettier without all that hoax.
See you in Nørresundby on 15/1? …. By the way, it’s my birthday. I’m going to be 5…. months

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